Saturday, January 10, 2009


This morning I was reminded of a principle the Holy Spirit taught me years ago. I was serving as Youth Pastor at Westside Assembly in Davenport and I was heavily involved with the evangelical association of pastors. I was on the board for that group and enjoyed the fellowship immensely.

The Holy Spirit began to encourage me to let go of the position and board for the evangelical association. He gave me this simple principle: You have to let go this so you can take hold of what I have for you. He would not tell me what was coming. I had to be obedient without knowing the "rest of the story"!

Finally I resigned from the association and waited to see what the Lord was up to. Within a few days, our Children's Church pastor resigned. I knew immediately that I was to take over those responsibilities. The reason I knew that is that this new opportunity met a need I had in the youth ministry. We had watched the youth grow to nearly 75. They had grown spiritually to the point that they were well equipped but they needed something to pour themselves into ministry wise.

We established a 25 member team of youth & adults to minister to children. We set the ministry in River City, a western town and cast stock characters, who would act out senarios weekly and then teach, sing, feed, exercise and do object lessons. We also wrote original material weekly to facilitate this ministry. My final two years at Westside was spent with the dual task of Youth and Children's ministry. It is a time I will always cherish. Many of those youth are not only walking with the Lord but they are serving full time in ministry.

The principle learned is often applied season after season in my life. I continue to learn to let go of "something" so I can take hold of a new "something". Sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes, as now, it seems to tarry! But letting go is powerful. The waiting time nourishes and grounds me for the next assignment or season.

Examples from scripture:
Esther had to let go of her security and secret identity for such a time as this.
Moses had to let go of shepherding and become the great deliverer.
Paul had to let go of his stubborn mindset to become what the church needed.
Jesus let go of heaven and came to earth to become our savior.
You have had to let go of things that beset you (Hebrews 12:1-2) to become who you are today and who the Lord is calling you to be for tomorrow.

Serving the Lord with gladness,


  1. This is great; however,like so many of God's mandates it is easier said than done unless empowered by the Spirit!

  2. we needed to hear that Gene...thanks for being faithful and speaking into people's lives!